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Description of new Bulk Centile Calculator

The new Global BCC is derived from an international database with over 3 million births from the anonymised submissions of 25 countries and included 104 ethnic groups or countries of origin which are listed below. Each were analysed to obtain a constant (expected birthweight at 280 days) and coefficients for maternal height and weight, parity and sex, using multiple regression techniques. The principles are explained in the GROW documentation.

For countries or ethnic groups where sufficient data are not yet available, coefficients for the respective regional analysis are provided for use as an approximation. In cases where no ethnic/country of origin information is available, the application applies a global average coefficient.

The built-in explanatory notes provide further details.

We welcome anonymised databases to derive coefficients for additional countries / populations and to complement our international database. Please click here to see preferred format for data.

Please contact us for any further information.

List of ethnicities, countries of origin and regions

Ethnicities / Countries (n=104)

Afghanistan China Hungary Morocco Scotland Tunisia
Albania Colombia Iceland Myanmar Senegal Turkey
Angola Congo India Nepal Serbia US - African American
Antilles Cook Islands Indonesia Netherlands Singapore US - Hispanic
Argentina Czech Republic Iran New Zealand - European Slovakia US - Native American
Australia - European Denmark Iraq New Zealand - Maori Slovenia US - European
Australia - Aboriginal Ecuador Ireland Nigeria Somalia Uganda
Bangladesh Egypt Israel Niue Spain Ukraine
Belgium England Italy Northern Ireland Sri Lanka Uruguay
Bhutan Eritrea Jamaica Norway Sudan Uzbekistan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ethiopia Japan Pakistan Suriname Vietnam
Brazil Fiji Kenya Peru Sweden Wales
Bulgaria Finland South Korea Philippines Switzerland Yemen
Burundi France Latvia Poland Syria Zimbabwe
Cameroon Gambia Lebanon Portugal Tajikistan
Canada Germany Libya Romania Thailand
Cape Verde Ghana Lithuania Russia Tonga
Chile Greece Malaysia Samoa Torres Strait Islands

Regions (n=17)

United Kingdom East Europe North Europe South Europe West Europe
North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Far East Asia Middle East Central Asia
South Asia South East Asia Caribbean North America South America
Australasia Pacific Islands
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