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Reference Literature

Note: the following lists mainly reviews of fetal growth and customised charts.
For our latest research publications on GAP and GROW, please go to the Perinatal Institute GAP page

Customized growth charts: rationale, validation and clinical benefits AJOG 2018
Intrauterine growth restriction: new concepts in antenatal surveillance, diagnosis, and management AJOG 2010
Customised assessment of fetal growth potential: implications for perinatal care ADC-FNN, 2012

The value of customised centiles in assessing perinatal mortality risk
For an overview article on 'New Definition of SGA', click here
RCOG Green Top Guideline Number 31 (updated March 2013): The Investigation and Management of the Small-for-gestational-age fetus. Click here

Previous version (2002) is archived here

For detailed information including background, concepts, coefficients and references, (GROW Documentation) click here

Further details are available here:


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